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In less than a week, we will say goodbye to you in 2014. Looking back on this year, some owners were delighted that their small homes were decorated in a model; But some owners are so frustrated that they have spent an unjust amount of money, and now their homes are still in a mess. Taking stock of 2014, Xiaobian sorted out a decoration regret record, so that owners who are about to decorate in 2015 can learn from the experience and lessons of their predecessors and take fewer detours

case 1: the deposit is confused with the deposit.

the fierce competition in the home decoration market in Nanjing can rank top in the country. Every weekend or holiday, various large-scale group purchases are staged. Xiao Jin, who came from Zhangjiagang, bought a new house in Jiangning and embarked on a long journey of decoration this year. When I was in Zhangjiagang, I also went to stores to see some brands, but there were not many activities. The same brand discount was not as strong as that in Nanjing. Xiao Jin said that as soon as she arrived in Nanjing, she was dazzled by the overwhelming activities. She went to a large group purchase meeting on a website today and a factory tour tomorrow. She felt that she would not lose money by shopping around

at the end of March, Xiao Jin and her husband participated in a large group purchase meeting at the national exhibition. Many brands made a lot of profits. Xiao Jin thought the opportunity was rare, so he placed orders frequently at the exhibition, ordering the floor, shower room, faucet and toilet at home. It costs at least 200 yuan to pay a deposit in the store, and some businesses even need 500 yuan, but in the exhibition, it is almost only 100 yuan. Xiao Jin said that she also ordered several sets of set meals. Some sets of ceramic tiles cost only a thousand yuan, which she thought was very cost-effective

after the construction started in May, Xiaojin regretted that she was dissatisfied with several products ordered. The floor I ordered was bamboo floor. I saw a friend's home in Zhangjiagang. They said it was warm in winter and cool in summer, but the engineering manager told me that there were almost no bamboo floors for families in Nanjing, and it was better to use solid wood floors

in this way, Xiao Jin wanted to return with the order, but unexpectedly, he was rejected by the merchant. The merchant pointed to the list and said that what was written on it was a deposit, which could not be refunded. Only the deposit could be refunded. Xiao Jin said that the merchant told her that the deposit was legally effective in the contract law. If you want to refund it, it means that Xiao Jin broke the contract. At the beginning, he thought 100 yuan was very cheap, so he didn't look at the list carefully, but he didn't expect to lose money in the end

case 2: set meals have traps. Be careful to fall in.

now not only are set meals popular in home decoration companies, but also in building materials circles. In addition to the conventional cabinet set meal and ceramic tile set meal, ceiling set meal and faucet set meal are also popular. Ms. Liu, the owner, bought a set meal at an integrated ceiling business. The set meal price of the house with three bedrooms and one living room is only 1880 yuan, with a total of 8 square meters of gusset plates +1 lighting lamp. Compared with the gusset plates of 300 or 400 yuan/square meter on the market, this price is very cost-effective

but when she actually came to install it, Ms. Liu found it very embarrassing. First of all, there is no ventilator in this set meal. Ms. Liu's family has two bathrooms, one of which has a small window, so we must add a ventilator; Second, it's no use just having gusset plates. We also need to add the edge strip, which costs 35 yuan/meter. Ms. Liu's family needs more than 20 meters in total; Third, two bathrooms and three kitchens need three lights, but there is only one light in the set meal, and it is an ordinary light. Now LED lights are widely used in the market; Fourth, the excess part should be calculated at a 70% discount of the original price. Ms. Liu's home is over 4 square meters. Finally, Ms. Liu will spend more than 2000 yuan at 7788

more than one person was cheated by the set meal. The leading set meal bought by Xiao Zhang looks cheap, but it also costs more money. Xiao Zhang bought an unknown dragon's head set meal at the group purchase meeting, which was only 688 yuan, but later, when he saw the real thing, he shouted at a loss. This faucet only has a hand-held shower, no shower column, and even a faucet. There is no bathtub at home. Children need a faucet to take a bath in the tub, but the most basic faucet is not available. If you add a faucet, you need to add more than 300 yuan. In addition, the tap water and hose should be equipped by yourself. After calculation, it will cost thousands of yuan to complete it. It's better to spend more money to buy a first-line brand




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