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Energy saving is the way of home decoration that we have always respected. Excellent energy-saving equipment can greatly reduce household expenditure. So how to save energy and look beautiful in details? Netizens' ideas are always full of new ideas, and various hermits can always give us a lot of advice. Xiaobian summarizes the three main points of home decoration energy conservation here, hoping to be helpful to you

tips1: thermal insulation

if the original external window is a single glass ordinary window, it is best to replace it with a hollow glass bridge broken metal window during decoration, and install a mobile external sunshade outside the East and West windows

when choosing curtains, try to choose curtains with thick cloth and good heat insulation effect. If the original wall has an internal insulation layer, pay attention not to damage it when decorating

if the design plan is to buy the balcony and the room, it is necessary to install insulation layer on the wall and top of the balcony. When laying the wooden floor, thermal insulation materials, such as mineral wool board, flame-retardant foam, etc., can be placed between the grids under the floor

when customizing the door, the manufacturer can be required to fill in fireproof and thermal insulation materials such as glass wool or mineral wool; Doors and windows should be equipped with sealing strips; Residents who live on the top floor can also place thermal insulation materials on the paper gypsum board when the ceiling is suspended, so as to improve the thermal insulation





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