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When decorating, many owners hope to use the lowest budget to make the best and most practical home decoration effect. Of course, the excellent style of diligence and thrift is the tradition left by countless revolutionary predecessors

when decorating, many owners hope to use the lowest budget to make the best and most practical home decoration effect. Of course, the excellent style of diligence and thrift is countless “ Revolutionary predecessors ” We must adhere to the tradition left behind, but for the decoration of some rooms, the budget cannot implement the principle of saving when it can be saved, such as the bathroom. For the bathroom with strong functionality, if you omit the places that should not be saved, the first thing is that you can't have a happy bath in later life, let alone leave many hidden dangers. This time, I'll talk to you about the eight places that should not be saved in bathroom decoration. 1 The pipeline budget cannot save water and electricity, and the decoration is equal to zero. The bathroom is a place where multiple water and electricity are collected. If there are problems in design and material selection after installation, resulting in water leakage and leakage, the rework cost is not a small amount. Therefore, in the early stage, high-quality water pipes, wires and wire pipes should be selected, and the wiring should comply with the regulations. 2. Reserved sockets cannot be saved. With the expansion of space and the increase of functions, there are more and more electrical appliances in the bathroom. Many families have installed sanitary ware such as intelligent toilet, integral bathroom, Jacuzzi, multi-function bathroom cabinet, or audio-visual equipment such as TV and stereo. When decorating, the budget is limited. You can also reserve the socket first to avoid the trouble of rewiring in the future. 3. Waterproof materials can not save the waterproof in the bathroom is also very important. Not only the material is better, but also the painting is required. Generally, the ground waterproof should be painted twice and tested with 24-hour closed water, while the wall waterproof should also be 180cm high. The waterproofing of corners and water pipes should be done more carefully, which is the most prone to problems. 4. The ground is not slip resistant, and there is often water sprinkled on the ground in the bathroom. If ordinary tiles are paved, people are easy to slip when walking on them. Especially families with old people and children should pay more attention to this problem. Therefore, when choosing floor materials for the bathroom, we must pay attention to its skid resistance. Although the price is more expensive, it is the safety and health of the family when they use it. 5. It has become the living habit of most people that the heating equipment cannot be saved at home. However, the bathroom is not a warm place at ordinary times, especially in winter, when the temperature difference is large, people are easy to get sick. Therefore, floor heating, radiator, Yuba and other heating equipment are also essential items in the bathroom. 6. High quality sanitary ware can't save the bathroom. Sanitary ware is the most utilized object in daily life. If the quality of basins and toilets is not up to standard, it's not only troublesome to replace them after they break down, but also brings great inconvenience to life. Therefore, such things should still be in place in one step and install products with high quality. 7. Tempered glass can't be saved. It's often heard that there are self explosion injuries in shower rooms, glass basins and so on, which is mainly related to the quality of the glass used. Good tempered glass is generally difficult to break and will not hurt people when broken. Therefore, in order to use it safely, we must not be greedy for temporary cheapness, and try to choose high-quality brands with good reputation. 8. Common objects cannot save floor drains and ceiling lights, which are common but not noticeable objects in bathroom. Their quality also directly affects everyone's normal life. If the floor drain is not selected well, it is easy to cause poor drainage or backtaste of water, and the ordinary lamp will not light up after being affected with moisture, so the ceiling lamp must be treated with moisture-proof treatment. The above pictures are all from the Internet search

finally, say two words

it has cost a lot of money to buy a house, but when decorating, we must be the province of the province, and we should not be the province. The budget of sanitary ware includes many aspects of building materials, equipment and soft decoration, and the calculation is also very complex. Some decoration companies will have something fishy on these, so we must be careful




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