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Economical and practical bathroom cabinet

this is a modern style stainless steel bathroom cabinet. Special fingerprint free processing is carried out on the surface of the stainless steel plate, which can effectively ensure that there is no trace in the use process and is easy to take care of. Stainless steel cabinet is not cracked, moisture-proof, mildew proof, waterproof and rust proof, durable, green and environmental protection

stainless steel bathroom cabinet is a new product concept. It is sun proof, mildew proof, corrosion-proof, crack proof, acid and alkali resistant, does not release harmful substances, is truly waterproof and protective, and has a modern and fashionable appearance. Stainless steel bathroom cabinet is really strong and durable

selection tips: the key to the quality of stainless steel bathroom cabinets lies in the material and surface coating of stainless steel. A good stainless steel bathroom cabinet has an electrostatic protective layer attached to the steel surface during electroplating, which can effectively isolate the oxygen molecules in the air from contacting the steel surface and eliminate the generation of oxides. In this way, no matter how you touch the surface of the stainless steel cabinet in the process of use, there will be no fingerprints on it that are difficult to wipe

this bathroom cabinet is made of oak solid wood, which has the functions of waterproof, moisture-proof and non deformation. It has a very Chinese style modeling design, which combines straight lines and curves perfectly, and is dignified and luxurious without losing artistic taste. Ceramics use microcrystalline self-cleaning glaze, which is convenient for cleaning

editor's comments: the solid wood bathroom cabinet has the functions of waterproof, moisture-proof and deformation free

the appearance of bathroom cabinet is simple and clear at a glance, which is very Chinese. The spacious countertop makes people feel comfortable and secure. This bathroom cabinet has a high cost performance and is a good choice in the category of solid wood bathroom cabinets

choose a little knowledge: look at the grade: the solid wood bathroom cabinet is divided into the following three grades: high school and general school. Due to different grades, the quality requirements are also different. Everyone's economic conditions or life backgrounds are different, so we should learn to choose. Just like clothes, expensive ones are not necessarily suitable for you. Only tailored clothes can make you feel comfortable

a, high grade: the appearance material is a single tree species with the same texture. The color of the coating is bright, the wood grain is clear, and the surface is completely polished, as bright as a mirror

b, medium grade: the materials used for appearance shall be similar in texture, and the texture and color of symmetrical parts shall be similar. The color of the coating is bright, and the wood grain is clear. The front surface coating should be polished, and the side surface coating is the original light (i.e. not polished)

c, general grade: the texture and color of the materials used for the appearance are similar, the color of the coating is basically uniform, slight wood grain blur is allowed, and the coating surface is original light

second, look at the color: make an overall observation on the solid wood bathroom cabinet, such as the combination and suite furniture. First, check whether the color of the external surface is coordinated, whether the color is consistent, and whether the paint film is full and clean

third, look at the quality: the materials of all parts of the solid wood bathroom cabinet should be reasonable, the structural parts should not have defects such as decay, knots, cleavage, etc., whether the decorative materials have processing defects such as glue opening, blistering, warping, etc., and the decorative patterns should be symmetrical and beautiful. Whether the size is regular, and whether all surfaces of the parts are flat and vertical. Whether all metal parts are stainless steel or aluminum products for bath cabinets after moisture-proof treatment, so as to have strong resistance to moisture erosion

four look at the packaging: in addition to their own quality differences, the simplest way to identify the quality of solid wood bathroom cabinets is to look at their outer packaging. The outer package of products of regular manufacturers must clearly indicate the brand, company address, company telephone, company website, product model and color, etc. If there is only similar “ Boutique fashion bathroom cabinet ” And so on. The simple and vague words are all done by irregular small factories

five looks practical: solid wood bathroom cabinets should be wall hung, with high legs or with wheels, which can effectively isolate the invasion of moisture on the ground. Before buying, it is necessary to check whether the opening of a cabinet hinge is 90 degrees or 180 degrees. If the opening angle is 180 degrees, it is certainly more convenient for you to pick up and put items. The more accurate the hinge is, the tighter the cabinet door will be closed, and the more difficult it is for dust to enter. In addition, it is convenient to choose bathroom cabinets with many drawers to store small sundries




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