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This year is a very severe year for the home furnishing industry, and the collective enterprises are cold. Can e-commerce, a new marketing model, save the market? Where will the flooring market go in 2012

secondary decoration will test the water this year and push again next year

this year, the cake of the new housing market is getting smaller and smaller. Many people in the industry have turned their attention from the new housing to the secondary decoration market - old house renovation, old customers visiting, old customers recommending relatives and friends to come to the store for decoration and other phenomena are regarded as the characteristics of "secondary decoration" by the industry

"60% of the decoration in foreign countries comes from second-hand houses and secondary decoration. At present, in Beijing, this proportion has reached nearly 40%, indicating that this part of the customer source deserves attention." Weng Shaobin, President of Shengxiang flooring, said that this year, Shengxiang flooring launched the "old house new face" activity in the Beijing market, and red star Macalline also launched the "must change" activity. "Generally speaking, the decoration period is 5 to 8 years. 2003 is the beginning of the development of the real estate market, and these customers have reached the age limit of the second decoration"

the number of owners with rigid demand for decoration has increased: owners have the demand for secondary decoration after living for a few years due to aesthetic changes

at present, the owners of secondary decoration in the market have formed a new peak, "many families have entered the stage of secondary decoration or tertiary decoration, and the demand for improved home furnishings is constantly releasing. This is a new field that should be paid attention to, and targeted solutions should be provided to serve owners."

some people are pessimistic and some are optimistic about the market trend

according to the survey of relevant institutions, in the first half of this year, the floor sales in Jiangsu Province fell by nearly 30% year-on-year compared with last year, and many bosses shouted that this year's market is full of difficulties. Some insiders said that from now to next June, the life of the flooring market will not be too easy. For the market in the second half of the year, the impact of the real estate policy on the home decoration market often appears within half a year or a year after the policy is issued. Therefore, the decline of housing transaction volume in the first half of the year has a great impact on the decoration market in the second half of the year. The market trading volume in the second half of last year and the first half of this year has been shrinking, and the shrinking value has even reached the peak in nearly five years

"as long as the real estate market does not improve, life as a downstream home furnishing market is also difficult. The current consumer market is a rational consumer market, and influential and appealing big brands can survive, but some small enterprises may face bankruptcy." For the future market and situation, all enterprises should have a clear understanding and formulate corresponding strategies as soon as possible, so as to ensure the good development of enterprises in the depressed market environment

the industry insiders who hold the opposite attitude say that he is full of hope for the market expectation of 2012. He believes that although the real estate market is currently in a downturn, the new deal of the real estate market has hit investors and provided houses to consumers who really need them. In addition, the current rental market is also very popular, which indicates that the current rigid demand is great. Although it is suppressed for a while, it will rebound sooner or later

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